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The MVDC is a group of scuba diving enthusiasts based in northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Our charter is simply to promote safe sport diving and share the camaraderie of our fellow members. Membership is open to divers and non-divers alike, but all divers must be certified to participate in Club dives.

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Metrowest Dive Club's Show
Anonymous writes "
Metrowest Dive Club’s 11th Annual Diving Symposium. “Wrecks 2003”
April 5th, 2003. Keefe Tech High School. Framingham, Ma.
8:30 am. - 3 pm. Meet the speakers party: 3-5 pm.
Show consists of 4 world class speakers, including Tom Mount and Kevin McMurray, author of “Deep Descent”.
The show also consists of: Wreck artifact displays, Equipment displays, Photography displays, Manufacturers Booths, Raffles.
Cost $15 (buy your ticket at our display at the Boston Sea Rovers show in March for $12)
For more information. www. MWDC.ORG
Posted by chriss on Sunday, December 01 @ 22:06:28 EST (3 reads)
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Local Dive Show Expands to Chelmsford & Methuen, MA!
Merrimack Valley Dive Club pmarck writes " New England Underwater, a local, cablecast show which is produced in Billerica, Massachusetts by Merrimack Valley Dive Club (MVDC) members Peter & Beverly Marck has expanded it's viewing audience to include the towns of Chelmsford and Methuen, Massachusetts.

New England Underwater features a different diving subject each month. Some of the past subjects have included: Behind the Scenes of the New England Aquarium, Wreck Diving the Olinda & a WW II, P-47 Fighter Plane in Connecticut, Underwater Pumpkin Carving, Shark Diving from Point Judith, Rhode Island and many more.

Several members of the MVDC make up the New England Underwater Dive Team: Mike Walsh (Chelmsford), Chris Sargent (Lowell), Jesse Heines (Chelmsford) and Ken Mostello (Carlisle) as well as Pete & Beverly Marck.

These divers have done an excellent job of bringing the local underwater world to the viewers of local cable television. To that end, Billerica Access Television's Member's Choice Awards has nominated the show for: Best New Show, Best Technical Show and Best Show. Producer Peter Marck has also been nominated for: Best New Producer and Producer of the Year. The award's dinner is later in October, so stay tuned for more information on this subject and for cablecast times in the above mentioned towns!

Posted by paulb on Friday, October 04 @ 13:56:57 EDT (11 reads)
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8/9/02 Hooky Day Dive
Merrimack Valley Dive Club Chris Sargent, Dick Curtin, Brian Biggar and Neil Bowker took advantage of the beautiful weather and did two dives at Cathedral Rocks today. The first dive was uneventful, we headed south and saw the usual Cape Ann critters. The second dive was in the opposite direction and into deeper water. I spotted a couple of fair sized cod, but Dick spotted the fish of the day, an Atlantic Torpedo Ray! Neil would have missed it if it wasn't for my persistent efforts to get his attention. The ray was at least 4 feet in length and was just relaxing on the bottom. Neil and I were to it's left and Dick and Brian were to it's right. After watching it for a bit, we headed off. As I passed over the ray, it left the sand, turned over in front of me and headed directly towards Dick and Brian. It then proceeded to climb across their backs and swim out in front of them, startling Brian! These rays are capable of discharging 220 volts of electricity, so don't get too close to them!!
Posted by chriss on Friday, August 09 @ 00:00:00 EDT (22 reads)
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blue planet
Merrimack Valley Dive Club bkierce writes "I watched the show Blue Planet on Sunday night and the show was just awesome. Couldn't believe all the scenery and the way life is below the ocean. To see the way life is for the fish and how they survive. The show made me want to suit up and jump into the set just to be there. "
Posted by paulb on Monday, May 06 @ 20:24:42 EDT (33 reads)
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9th Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Merrimack Valley Dive Club The MVDC held it's 9th annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt yesterday, March 30th. As usual the event was well attended by members anxious to get back in the water after a long and strange winter.
Ann and Jim Ringwood reprised their roles as "the Bunnies" and placed 4 dozen eggs in the water off Back Beach. The hunters were Chris Sargent, Mike Scanlon, Jesse Heines, Bernie Kierce and friend Ernie Velez, Bob Murfitt, John Roberts, Bob McCormick and past Club president Beth Smith. Peter Marck took video footage of the event.
Despite the gray skies, occasional drizzle and wind, the conditons for the hunt were quite good, visibility was 10 to 20 feet and the water felt a lot warmer than the reported temperature of 36 degrees.
Bob McCormick was the grand champion of the day, finding both the most eggs (2 dozen thanks to Ann's leaky catch bag) and the "special" egg. For his efforts he received a copy of "The Last Dive" and a 20 fill air card from NorthEast SCUBA.
Everone reported having a good time and all were glad to be back in the water again!!
Posted by chriss on Sunday, March 31 @ 22:04:12 EST (55 reads)
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MVDC revamps its web site
Merrimack Valley Dive Club

It's 17 February, 2002. The icy New England weather has successfully repelled most divers from her lobster-lined shores. Bundled up for warmth, the MVDC decided a revamp of their web site was in order.

The new site has more user-centric features (like user commenting of stories, web links, and more), private chat, and a voting booth.

As we move forward, all of the features that made the MVDC special will be merged in; for example, activity subscription and weather checks.

Thanks, and enjoy the new site.


Posted by paulb on Sunday, February 17 @ 10:57:12 EST (56 reads)
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